School News – 1/18/2023

School News – 1/18/2023

CCS-Wilmington Marches in the Annual MLK Parade

Classical Charter Schools of Wilmington joined the Wilmington community on Monday in the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.

Students and staff at CCS-Wilmington have participated in this event for nine years in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King’s birthday is an opportunity to bring people together and pay tribute to the positive changes he brought to our country.

Dr. King was due to visit Wilmington on April 4, 1968, the day he was killed, but postponed his trip to assist striking sanitation workers in Memphis, where he met his untimely death.  


Even the King Bust Follow the Law

In 1215, King John of England was forced to sign the Magna Carta, or great charter, which placed the king under the rule of law (rather than above it) and documented a series of rights and liberties that for more than 800 years have served as the foundation for individual rights in England and the West. The Magna Carta had a significant influence on America’s founding documents and the concept of Americans’ unalienable rights. CCS-America schools therefore, ensure our students understand the Magna Carta’s importance. Our classical history program spends four days devoted to teaching the Magna Carta. Students learn its significance and its relevancy today. The mini unit culminates in a play where students re-enact King John being forced to sign the Magna Carta by his nobles.

Learn more about the Magna Carta by clicking the links below.

History the Magna Carta in the United Kingdom

The Magna Carta at the United States’ National Archives

CCS-Southport Pictures

Alumni Spotlight

Meet Rebecca Applewhite Hester! Mrs. Hester graduated in 2007 as the salutatorian of the first RBA graduating class and is now working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mrs. Hester says, “RBA laid the foundation and supplied me with tools that I still reach for fifteen years after my graduation. I am forever indebted to my teachers who ensured I was set up for success and for supplying me with a safe environment to achieve my goals.”

Learn more about Mrs. Hester and how her RBA education has continued to benefit her here!

School News- 1/4/2023

School News- 1/4/2023


Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a wonderful break! Quarter 3 will be another busy and exciting nine weeks at CCS-America schools. Here are the highlights to look forward to:

Jan. 4             First Day of Quarter 3!

Jan. 11            Report Cards

Jan. 16           Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Jan. 17            100th Day of School

Jan. 18           Maintenance Recognition Day

Jan. 22-28     National School Choice Week

Jan. 23           National Handwriting Day

Jan. 31            2023-2024 Open Enrollment Closes                           

Feb. 3             Teacher Workday- No School for Students                       

Feb. 6-24       Registration for FASTAR is Open

Mar. 2            Dr. Seuss Read Across America

Mar. 3            I Can Read Ceremonies

Mar. 10           Teacher Workday- No School for Students                         

Mar. 13           Spring Break Begins


A Classical Inspiration: Martin Luther King Jr. 

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was classically educated. He understood that for people to be truly free, they need to be able to think for themselves. King thoroughly studied the teachings of India’s celebrated civil rights leader, Mahatma Gandhi prior to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which ignited the Civil Rights Movement. Studying others’ works and being an avid reader are two cornerstones of a classical education, which Dr. King embodied. He was also a master of classical rhetoric seen in his speeches and writings. Each day we can honor the memory and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by seeking knowledge and being virtuous, “the goal of a true education!”

Letters from a Birmingham Jail, Dr. MLK Jr.

Keep Moving, Dr. MLK Jr.


New Year, Same Pledge

For many, the start of a new calendar year is a time for reflection and new beginnings. It encourages us to re-evaluate how we make choices and spend our time, and helps us prioritize what matters most to us.

At CCS-America, we know New Year’s resolutions can be challenging to maintain. Therefore, to maintain momentum and avoid backsliding, students say our School Pledge every morning. Our Pledge focuses on health, truth, and virtue, so it’s easy to connect your resolutions to our Pledge!

If one of your resolutions this year is to become “physically fit,” provide “charity towards my neighbor,” or even to exemplify “prudence in new undertakings,” our School Pledge can be a daily reminder of your goal. No matter what you decide, we encourage parents to discuss the tenets of the Pledge with their students and how both can apply it to their goals for this year!

School Pledge


Students of the Month

Character education is an important part of the CCS-America curriculum. Each month, students are recognized for displaying a specific character trait that they are not only learning and practicing, but also recite daily in our Pledge.

December’s character trait was Generosity. Students who shows generosity are careful with what they have so they can share with others. Generosity is seen in the School Pledge as “I pledge to be virtuous in all my deeds.” Virtuous students apply these words to their everyday lives and do good for others without seeking anything in return.

Congratulations to all students who demonstrated exemplary generosity. Check them out on the links below!




School News – 12/14/2022

School News – 12/14/2022

The Roger Bacon Academy wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe break, and we will see you back at school for the start of Quarter 3 on January 4th.


Lakesha McDay, New Hanover Community Endowment Executive Vice President and Steve Smith, CCS-America Lead Administrator

CCS-Wilmington Receives Grant

Classical Charter Schools of America is happy to share that CCS-Wilmington has been selected to receive a grant from the New Hanover Community Endowment!

The grant will help improve and expand our school’s facilities at the historic Peabody Building. This beautiful historic building has housed the Wilmington campus since 2013. To continue providing families in Wilmington’s inner city with our classical education, additional facility improvements and equipment will further enhance learning opportunities and increase enjoyment for all students. This grant will make that possible.

We offer our sincere thanks for this vote of confidence in the work we are doing and we look forward to continuing this work at all CCS-America schools!




Why Latin? 

[Latin] “allows you to adore words, take them apart, and find out where they come from.” -Doctor Seuss

At CCS-America schools, we are proud to teach Latin. Here are a few reasons why:

  • 80% of English words come from Latin so it helps expand vocabulary
  • Latin is at the root of the languages spoken in 57 countries so other languages are more-easily accessible
  • Latin is based on logic and reasoning, which leads to greater mathematical understanding
  • Latin helps us understand English grammar, which improves writing skills
  • Students who have studied Latin consistently outscore students of Spanish and French on college admission tests

CCS-America students begin learning Latin in 4th grade and continue through 8th grade.

Latin: The Basic Subject


 Alumni Spotlight

Meet Ms. Brooke Butcher Gooden! Ms. Gooden graduated RBA in 2008 and has recently returned to the classroom as a 1st grade teacher in Elizabethtown, NC. Learn about Ms. Gooden and how her RBA education not only shaped her academically, but also morally here!

School News – 11/30/2022

School News – 11/30/2022

A Trip to the Nao Trinidad

CCS-Leland seventh graders took a trip back in time to the “Trinidad,” a replica of the Spanish ship that was part of Magellan’s fleet of five ships. It set sail in 1519 to circumnavigate the globe and out of the 85 member crew, only five made it back to Spain alive. The replica docked on the Wilmington riverfront from Nov. 17-20.

In addition to the rich history, students received a physics lesson with the ship’s pulleys, levers, windlasses, halyards, compasses, and sextants.

Student Andrew Williams said, “I enjoyed the field trip to the Nao Trinidad because I got to learn about Magellan and his voyage. The most interesting thing that I learned was that the large wheel for steering ships was not invented until the 18th century. In the 16th century, they used a whipstaff, a long pole that you moved to steer the ship.”


Staff Spotlight

Ms. Brandy Powell, CCS-Whiteville’s Lead EC teacher, began her career at a traditional public school in 2004. As an elementary and middle school teacher, she noticed that district schools were not set up for the success of teachers and students. Teachers were to teach the same lessons to all students, regardless of their ability or achievement level, and students were not held to the standards they should be. These issues led to a cycle of the same students falling behind and in trouble.

After a few years of this, Ms. Powell needed time away from teaching. She started a new career but missed students and the classroom setting. In 2014, she decided to gradually return to teaching as a part-time substitute teacher at CCS-Leland. The difference from the traditional public schools she was used to was immediately clear. Students knew what was expected of them and held to high standards; they were divided into groups and classes based on their achievement levels; and teachers had mentors on staff always available to assist them. 

“At CCS-America, we give students a quality education that is achievement based and we teach all students to mastery. This was completely different from what I saw in district schools,” said Ms. Powell.

Click here to continue reading about Ms. Powell and her experience.


Students of the Month

Character education is an important part of the CCS-America curriculum. Each month, students are recognized for displaying a specific character trait that they are not only learning and practicing, but also recite daily in our Pledge.

November’s character trait was Self-Control. Students who show self-control choose to do what is right, even if it is not the easiest choice. Self-control is seen in the Pledge as, “I pledge to be virtuous in all my deeds.” Students apply these words to their everyday lives by being calm and respectful in class, using good manners, and making good decisions.

Congratulations to all of the students who demonstrated exemplary self-control. Check them out on the links below!





School News – 11/16/2022

School News – 11/16/2022

Our Heroes 

Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11th to honor and appreciate all who have served in the United States military. 

At Classical Charter Schools of America and The Roger Bacon Academy, we are honored to have 15 Veterans on our staff. Not only have they bravely answered the call to duty and defended our liberty, but they have continued to dedicate their lives to others by serving as educators. 

To our courageous Veterans, we are infinitely grateful for your service and sacrifice. Thank you for your valor, for protecting us, for defending our rights, and now, for your dedication to our students. 

CCS-America Veterans 

History of Veterans Day



A Classical Custom, Cursive

At The Roger Bacon Academy family of charter schools, we begin teaching cursive in first grade. Students learn a letter a day and carefully practice creating their cursive letters with a slant. Cursive instruction continues into the second and third grades where students build their cursive practice by connecting letters into words and writing sentences. In fourth grade, all work must be completed in cursive, except math. Students are expected to use a slant and neatly write; while teachers are expected to take off points for messy handwriting, uncrossed t’s, and undotted i’s.

Cursive is part of The Roger Bacon Academy’s curriculum for many reasons. Research proves that learning cursive develops better readers and increases memory by connecting letters in words. All of America’s founding documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, are written in cursive. If one cannot read cursive, one is condemned to rely on a translation.

Cursive has become a lost art in most other schools, but it is found in our schools each day.

Click on the links below for more important information on cursive!

Cursive Research 

Founding Documents


Alumni Spotlight

Meet alumna Shelby Mathis! Ms. Mathis graduated from Classical Charter Schools of Leland in 2012 and is working as a Chiropractic Assistant before going to graduate school for Athletic Training. Learn more about Ms. Mathis here!

School News – 11/2/2022

School News – 11/2/2022

Beware: Terrifying Tales being Taught

“…Ichabod was horror-struck, on perceiving that he was headless!-but his horror was still increased, on observing that the head, which should have rested on his shoulders, was carried before him on the pommel of the saddle;” -Washington Irving, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Each Halloween we pause our regularly read novels in middle school to jump into some spooky, hair-raising, mysterious, and classical short stories. English teachers also get into the antics! Seventh-grade English teacher, Erin Brangan stated, “It has been spooky identifying suspense and foreshadowing while we read! We even had a dramatic read where students read in spooky voices, and we listened to suspenseful music!! It has been a frightful fun time!” Students read Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and W.W. Jacob’s The Monkey’s Paw, three frightening classics! In sixth-grade, students learn the history of Halloween which began during the Middle Ages, the period studied in sixth-grade history. Sixth-grade students also read the poem Annabel Lee by Poe. The students and teachers have lots of fun with the stories, yet at the same time the students are afforded the opportunity of being exposed to great literature from legendary authors. Click below for a frightfully, fun time!

The Poe Museum and Tell Tale Heart 

A Reading of Jacobs’ The Monkey’s Paw

School Uniform Case Goes to Supreme Court

Charter Day School, Inc., which operates the four Classical Charter Schools of America, has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to “review and reverse” a recent appeals court ruling holding the school uniform policy unlawful. Charter Day’s petition argues that the appeals court decision was wrong, because CDS is a private non-profit corporation—as required by N.C.’s 1996 Charter School Act—not a “state actor,” and therefore free to set its own policies. CDS’s petition stresses that far more is at stake than the parent-designed school-uniform policy, requiring girls to wear skirts, jumpers or skorts. As “state actors,” charter schools could be bound by the same top-down rules, regulations and mistaken curriculum choices that have crippled many district school systems, as recent national test scores showed.

The Future of US Charter Schools Rests With the Supreme Court

Headmaster Spotlight

October was National Principals Month! Meet CCS-Whiteville’s Headmaster, Mrs. Ivey. Check out the “Headmaster Spotlight” Playlist to see all of Classical Charter Schools of America’s leaders!

Meet Mrs. Ivey

Students of the Month

Character education is an important part of the CCS-America curriculum. Each month, students are recognized for displaying a specific character trait that they are not only learning and practicing, but also recite daily in our Pledge. October’s character trait was Determination. Students who are determined overcome obstacles to reach their goals. Determination is seen in the Pledge as “I Pledge to keep myself healthy in body, mind, and spirit.” Students apply these words to their everyday lives by dedicating themselves to seeing tasks through, no matter how difficult it may get. Congratulations to all of these students who demonstrated exemplary determination. Check them out on the links below!


CCS-Whiteville & Middle School