Get Ready, Get Set, POUR! A Solid Foundation for 2022

The plans are approved, the land is clear, and construction is underway on the much anticipated Classical Charter Schools of Southport Middle School! Developed as the natural progression from the elementary program, Southport Middle School will join the Leland and Whiteville Middle School academic programs. With a focus on core subjects, students will deeply explore an advanced curriculum while developing the knowledge and skills not only necessary in high school, but for life-long learning. Students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves with exploratory labs, projects, service-learning activities, and more! Southport Middle School will be up and running for the 2022-2023 school year for 300 students. Mark your calendars,

Open Enrollment begins December 1st! CCS-Southport Enrollment


Archery: On Target for Life

Would it surprise you to know that the CCS-A offers our students the opportunity to shoot target archery in school? Since 2010, our schools have competed in the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) which has put a bow in the hands of over 18 million students! Target archery improves a student’s educational performance by enhancing their focus and concentration, leading to a noticeable improvement in attention and behavior. Many NASP schools also conclude that the archery program builds confidence and self-esteem, and helps students become more connected with their school.   In just the 11 years we have participated, we have captured eight state championships, two runner-up performances, and countless CCS-A students have been recognized for being the top shooter in their grade, and even top in the state.

Archery at CCS-Leland NASP 


The Quest for Knowledge. Can It Be Fun?

For a child, seeing their teacher off campus is like spotting a celebrity. Going on an adventure with your teacher and peers to experience new sensations creates memories that last a lifetime.  For Classical Charter Schools of America, field trip venues are reopening, and we couldn’t be more excited! On top of spectacular memories, we have selected places that relate to each grade’s curriculum. This enhances the experience because they are applying concepts that they are currently studying. Our first trips are already taking place as restrictions have eased; and the enthusiastic children, teachers, and parents remind us just how much we’ve missed these adventures! Peek at some of our kindergarteners and first graders venturing forth on a variety of quests.

Photos of Students on their search for knowledge  


Heroes Among Us

Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11 to honor and show appreciation for all who have served in the United States military. At Classical Charter Schools of America and The Roger Bacon Academy, we are fortunate to be in the presence of many veteran heroes. We are honored to have 13 veterans on our staff. Not only have they bravely answered the call to duty and defended our liberty; but, they have continued to dedicate their lives by serving as educators. To our courageous veterans, we are infinitely grateful for your service and sacrifice and all you do for our students.

See Who Our CCS Heroes Are Here! History of Veterans Day 


Unmasking, The Data

North Carolina’s rapid progression to normalcy was shown by data presented by Dr. Mandy Cohen, Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), at a news conference on October 27.  Her data demonstrated that over 84% of the state’s older population had now been vaccinated, that ER visits for COVID-like symptoms were “down significantly” to the 5% range, that the new cases trending downward are “great progress,” and that she was “seeing good news” in decreasing hospitalizations. Despite the overall transmission rate still being classified as “high,” the state data echoed our local experience across all CCS-America schools -there was only one case out on quarantine. The Board of Trustees voted after extensive discussion to make masks optional at all schools beginning November 1. If the number of quarantined students climbs to over 5% of enrollment at a school, that school will return to mandatory masking. The Board greatly appreciates the vigilance of parents and staff in continuing to promote safe education of the children in the least restrictive manner. Numerous other COVID practices such as temperature checks, hand sanitizing, and room cleaning will remain in effect at all schools.

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