Gaining Gratitude through Literature

“I am happy. I am very happy. This morning when I woke up, I felt good because the sun was shining.” This message of gratitude from Frog and Toad is read in our first-grade classrooms. We can all learn a lesson in gratitude from Frog this Thanksgiving. Like Frog, we are grateful to be alive, feel the warmth of sunshine, and experience friendship. Classical education is centered in virtue and many of the novels in the RBA canon teach the virtue of gratitude. Some of these novels are Because of Winn Dixie, Heidi, Charlotte’s Web, and Swiss Family Robinson. This Thanksgiving, read a classical novel and see how it teaches and celebrates virtue. We are grateful for our families, staff, and students! We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Joy: The Secret to a Productive Class

“This is the first school he has really loved,” the mother of a transfer student reported. “How do you do it?” she asked. Achieving happiness in the classroom is very straightforward and is embodied in our First Law: Reward good behavior; you’ll get more of it. Positive rewards of praise such as “Jill, you are sitting up so nicely” or “Thank you for walking quietly to your desk, Jason” create a constructive atmosphere where students feel appreciated and respected for their good behaviors. Students hungry for recognition will quickly realize what to do. Frequent corrections such as, “Don’t slouch in your seat” or “Stop running” create adversarial relationships between the teacher and the students. And some students welcome the attention, so they act out to get more. Since we opened in 2000, our teachers have been taught to give at least 4 positive compliments for each 1 correction. Extensive research shows the 4:1 formula works. Ask your child. BTW, it can work at home, too!

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Saluting Our Veterans!

Veterans Day provides an excellent opportunity to teach students about veterans and even learn some of our nation’s history along the way. Our lessons focus on understanding what a veteran is, how to show respect and gratitude for them, and the origin of Veterans Day. We believe that in doing this, students will gain a better understanding of the sacrifice veterans and their families make, and instill a sense of pride and respect in students for our veterans. Some activities our students participated in: Performed patriotic songs and poems Learned proper etiquette for the National Anthem Wrote letters to veterans that were delivered to local VA hospitals

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Students of the Month: Our Pledge in Action

Character education is an important part of the CCS-A curriculum. Each month, students are recognized for displaying a specific character trait that they are not only learning and practicing, but also recite daily in our Pledge.  October’s character trait was determination. A student who shows determination overcomes obstacles to reach a goal and shows commitment during difficult times. Determination is seen in the Pledge as “I pledge to keep myself healthy in body, mind, and spirit”. Each Student of the Month not only says these words but applies them in their everyday lives. Congratulations to all of the students who demonstrated exemplary determination. Check them out on the links below!

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