Parents & Friends of Classical Charter Schools of America,

As we wrap up the 2021-2022 academic year, I’d like to reflect on the accomplishments of our students, staff, and teachers. For 22 years, our schools — beginning with our flagship school, CCS-Leland — have demonstrated that every child can learn when properly taught and given the proper tools to do so. Again this year, CCS-America has provided those tools to more than 2,200 students across our four top-performing schools by means of our traditional curriculum with its classical focus. This past year, students at our schools welcomed the return of Boosterthons, FASTAR, NASP archery, and RBA Cheerleading. They celebrated their knowledge with “I Can Read” ceremonies, pep rallies, and parades. Students not only competed against each other in events such as The History Bowl and FASTAR, but brought their talents to the local and state levels in the Science Olympiad and Beta Club competitions. Looking to the future, our campuses saw lots of construction with the highly anticipated auditoriums, new parking lots, and the CCS-Southport Middle School. We thank you for your patience with these exciting changes, and we look forward to the ribbon-cuttings in the 2022-2023 school year.  Thank you for entrusting us with the education of your children and for your support as our campuses continue to grow. Congratulations to our staff, teachers, and students on another great year. We wish our 8th grade class of 2022 all the success of which they are capable as they progress into high school.  Have a fabulous summer break. We look forward to greeting both our new and returning students when the 2022-2023 school year begins with the same enthusiasm and dedication that have been hallmarks of The Roger Bacon Academy and our classical charter schools for more than two decades.   

Best Regards,  Baker Mitchell, Founder






FASTAR, Race of Champions

Competitors were ready to battle in the eighth FASTAR, Race of Champions! K-5 school teams from all CCS-America schools raced against each other at Town Creek Park in Winnabow for the fastest times in math facts and reading. The overall time was totaled, and CCS-Leland was victorious over CCS-Southport by a mere nine seconds! “This was the closest race we have ever had!” exclaimed Penny Perry who is part of the RBA Data Department that calculates and tracks the data for FASTAR.   Congratulations to all champion racers and especially the CCS-Leland team for its fierce competition and speedy win!

Race of Champions pictures






Alumni Spotlight

Meet Madison Harvey! Ms. Harvey attended the Leland campus and is now a student at UNC-Wilmington. Learn about Ms. Harvey and how her CCS-America education prepared her for high school and college here! **************





Five Reasons Why Our Year Round Schedule is the Best!

Ever wonder why CCS-America students attend school year-round? Here’s why: 1) More frequent breaks reduce absences and burnout Instead of going nearly four months without any breaks at the start of the school year (August-December), students with year-round calendars have a fall break, in September. This helps reduce absences since it allows time for teachers and students to rest and recharge before returning to school. 2) Parents can plan better Year-round calendars also give parents a chance to better plan medical appointments and vacations! Vacations tend to be more expensive during peak summer and winter break times, so this gives families the flexibility to travel when places tend to be less busy and costly.  3) Campus improvements and teacher development is prioritized during breaks When possible, CCS-America school improvements are scheduled during breaks so they’re ready for students when they return! Teachers also receive training during this time, so there are limited teacher workdays that interrupt the calendar, which allows for a consistent schedule for families. 4) Eliminates the boredom of an extended school break Although the prospect of a long summer vacation seems inviting, many students become bored. Even families who have their students engaged in multiple activities can struggle to keep their children fully engaged during a three month break. With year-round school, breaks are just long enough for students to recharge before embarking on their new school year. 5) Helps combat learning loss Last but most important, there is a significant academic benefit to the schedule. During the traditional summer vacation, students can lose much of the information they learned from the previous grade. Therefore, students at year- round schools are at an advantage because they retain more of what they learned. CCS-America also uses the breaks for supplemental learning with camps where students receive additional individualized academic support.

Link to CCS-America’s 22-23 School Calendar Link to Local Summer Activity Ideas



Students of the Month

Character education is an important part of the CCS-America curriculum. Each month, students are recognized for displaying a specific character trait that they are not only learning and practicing, but also recite daily in our Pledge. April’s character trait was Respect. Students who show respect treat others with honor and dignity. Respect is seen in the Pledge as “I pledge to be obedient and loyal to those in authority.” CCS-America students apply these words to their everyday lives by treating adults with courtesy. They also use good manners and treat their peers the way they want to be treated. Congratulations to all of these students who demonstrated exemplary respect. Check them out on the links below!



CCS-Whiteville Elementary & Middle