RBA’s Three Laws: A True Trifecta

The Roger Bacon Academy’s Three Laws guide our schools and students to excellence, a true trifecta! Law 1: Reward good behavior – you’ll get more of it. Students are rewarded for good penmanship, correct answers, being in proper uniform, showing respect and courtesy, and other attributes. This law lays the foundation for the other laws. Giving students specific praise and rewarding them encourages other students to be virtuous as well. Displaying virtue may be rewarded tangibly with tickets, treasure box items, or stickers, and verbally with praise, approval, gratitude, or privileges. Law 1 of rewarding good behavior teaches students to display virtue in all situations leading to a more successful and rewarding life. Law 2: Teach to mastery – every child will learn. We strive to meet each student’s achievement level and teach them from that point forward. This is possible through our curated curricula. If students are advanced, they are able to begin above grade-level classes starting in kindergarten. Likewise, if they needs extra support, they are taught at the level that meets their needs. In a regular public-school setting, all students are taught on the same level. Such a model does not offer growth or acceleration but provides stagnation. Our family of schools fosters mastery by challenging students and encouraging their success.   Law 3: Watch the children – If they are not learning or behaving properly, the first two laws are not being followed. If students are rewarded for good behavior and are provided with the appropriate learning material to challenge them, they will behave and learn in the classroom. If students are misbehaving, they could be lacking reinforcement and/or the learning material could be too easy or too difficult, resulting in inappropriate behavior and the lack of academic success. Our teachers are taught to defer to the first two laws when this occurs. These time-tested, field-proven laws set the tone for our schools’ learning environment and mission and pave the way for our students’ success as seen in our successful alumni. Find out more about our three laws with their references by clicking the link below:

Our Three Laws- What, How, and Why



Alumni Spotlight

Meet Christy Woodburn from the first RBA graduating class of 2007! Mrs. Woodburn owns and operates Greatest Potential Chiropractic in Leland, NC. Learn more about Mrs. Woodburn and how she still uses the Pledge in her daily life here!





Who is Roger Bacon?

The Academy is dedicated to the principles espoused by Roger Bacon (1214-1292). Professor Bacon was a devoted thinker and is credited with originating the “scientific method” and thus being the first modern scientist. Roger Bacon desired to become a teacher. He attended Oxford University; and after obtaining his degree, he became a teacher at University of Paris. Bacon studied and taught Aristotle’s writings and believed Aristotle was a great thinker. But after attempting experiments based on Aristotle’s writings, Bacon discovered that many of the findings were incorrect. Bacon was disappointed, having wasted so much effort on the incorrect teachings. Because of this, Bacon devised a systematic way of judging whether a statement was true or false, thereby leading to trustworthy knowledge. Roger Bacon was a man whose source of greatness- his determination to always seek truth- is seeded within every one of us. We all have the ability to achieve the same greatness as Bacon, and with our own self-determination we will seek truth in the universe.

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